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About Us

The Herring Motel has a deep history on Cape Cod that goes all the way back to 1914.  We have written records of various people and companies conducting business on this premises: Sears Roebuck and Co selling various supplies to the motel and  vacationers that paid $6.88 for a week stay in July. We love this property and by default we are the steward and protectors of the Herring Fish that come every year to our property. We are conveniently located between the Bourne and Sagamore bridges for an easy drive to all the Cape has to offer.  We are across the street from the canal where world class fishing happens every day.

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We have 10 newly updated rooms and 7 cabins that we are always fixing and making better every day. 


The Herring Run Motel is actually a natural preserve where these cute little Herring fish come back and travel thousands of miles through the canal, under the highway through water channels to our swimming pool, up 7 ladders of water to spawn in our little pond as well as in the great Herring Lake.  They start coming in May of every year by the hundreds of thousands dodging all kinds of predators, Grey Herron birds, Osprey eagles, raccoons, striped bass, humans, and every other animal you can think of.  An amazing feat.

What to do while staying with us?


It all depends on you, it's always been that way.  You can go all night fishing the canal like those crazy fishermen we get every year.  They cross the highway and fish all night, catch the big one and then release them or lament the big one that got away. You can sign a waiver and borrow our bikes and ride along the 6.9 miles canal.  You can run up and down the canal 4 times and do a full marathon.  You can sit in the park across the street and watch the boats and the sunset. You can borrow our kayaks and go explore the pond on our property.  You can walk to the Seafood Shanty and buy a lobster roll and come back to enjoy it in our picnic areas. You can go to the beaches all with 5-30 minutes car ride. Whatever you decide, just don't sit in the room, watch TV, go out, and do something. You can always go and watch the Herring fish make their way back to the ocean for graduate school work and come back again when adults. 

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